CPCS has been helping to set industry standards for over 30 years.

Construction businesses in the UK need to be confident that employees operating plant machinery on site can do so in a safe and qualified way. CPCS from NOCN Job Cards provides proof that individuals have the required training and qualifications for the type of work they carry out.

CPCS is accepted across all UK construction sites and, in many cases, is the only card to be accepted. It is the Plant Partner Card Scheme of CSCS and enables employers to ensure that health and safety obligations are being met. The CPCS standards have been developed by industry-led working groups and with over 180 approved test centres nationwide, free online support materials, including theory test questions, learning outcomes and practical test specifications.

Other benefits include:

  • One-to-one testing of theory and practical providing a stronger basis to test candidates’ knowledge, experience, and practical skills, than in group testing.
  • More test questions mean depth of knowledge is tested further, using an average of 70 questions per category.
  • Over 90% of practical tests are taken in purpose-built test centres, ensuring the full range of operations are covered, without missing safety-critical criteria or disrupting a site.
  • Independent testing ensures testers are not involved in the candidates training, this guarantees the independent measure of ability and knowledge.
  • Upon competence card renewal the scheme also ensures that Continued Professional Development takes place ensuring cardholders have sufficient skills and knowledge.
  • Since 2003 all testers have completed Advanced Theory & Practical Tests
  • From January 2021 all testers will have to demonstrate practical ability ensuring they have retained skills.
  • The CPCS On-Line card checker is available online at www.nocnjobcards.org/card-checker/
  • From January 2020 all CPCS cards issued are SMART cards*

Tim Brownbridge of leading Civil Engineering Group, BAM Nutall, says: “CPCS manages our employees’ skills throughout their working lives, and this means that we know we always have people who are fully competent and safe to work onsite.”