The CSCS Smart Check app will be rolled out from April 2022, allowing all 2.1 million cards in the construction industry displaying the CSCS logo to be electronically verified using a single app.

Developed by the 38 card schemes displaying the CSCS logo, CSCS Smart Check will radically improve the construction industry’s card checking procedures and site safety while also helping tackle fraud in the sector.

Organisations and their on-site card checkers will have a quick, easy and secure way of ensuring everyone on site has the right qualifications and training for the job they do, with the free app available for Apple iOS and Android devices.

What you need to know

  • CSCS Smart Check can scan QR codes to validate both physical and virtual cards
  • The app can also read contactless chips to validate cards
  • All 38 schemes that carry the CSCS logo on their cards can be read by CSCS Smart Check
  • The app works by scanning a CSCS Partner Scheme card, verifying whether it is genuine and if its details are correct for over two million construction workers in the UK
  • The app has a live feed into the databases of each card scheme
  • Help and support with FAQs and links to additional resources are available

FAQs can be found at the foot of this page.


At the beginning of 2015, the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) announced via the Industrial Strategy: Construction 2025, that industry, including trade associations, contractors, clients and government, should specify and promote card schemes displaying the CSCS logo with no equivalents accepted. This is known as the One Industry Logo action.

In December 2020, the CLC issued a further update to its requirement regarding the implementation of Smart Technology by card schemes displaying the CSCS logo.

That update stipulated that “by 31 March 2022, all card schemes must use smart technology which has the capability to electronically check agreed information relevant to a cardholder, using a common interface, without the need to manually enter data”.

As such, the 38 CSCS partner card schemes have collaborated to produce the CSCS Smart Check app, designed to meet the requirement above.