A new document has been produced by the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) explaining what a MEWP Safe-Use Program is and why users need to have one in place.

The document is a comprehensive guide to the requirement, part of updated ANSI A92 standards that went into effect during 2020. It is available free as a digital download or as a professional print-ready version that can be co-branded with company logos for use by Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP) rental company workers and clients.

IPAF’s MEWP Safe Use Program Guide is free to download in two formats, one that is designed to be shared digitally and printed as required on an office or workplace printer. The other option features a professional print spec with cover option that can be co-branded and printed in volume to supply to depots, branches or showrooms.

Tony Groat, IPAF’s North America Regional Manager, who also sits on both the ANSI and CSA drafting committees, comments: “The ANSI/SAIA A92.222 standard defined the requirement for all MEWP users to develop a safe-use program specific to MEWPs. While OSHA promotes all employers to create a program to be used as a framework for addressing safety and health issues, a generic program may not adequately address the unique requirements for MEWP operations.

“IPAF’s MEWP Safe Use Program Guide provides employers of MEWP operators a roadmap to follow and checklist to assist in their development of a plan that considered all of their responsibilities set in the safe-use standard. It considers requirements for the application, inspection, training, maintenance, repair, and safe operation of MEWPs. As this standard requirement is already in effect, the guide will be a great asset to completing this task.”

As part of a planned suite of technical guidance aimed at decoding new requirements in updated ANSI and CSA standards, IPAF has also published Wind Rating: Using MEWPs in Wind. This IPAF guidance document covers the hazard of exposure to wind, which can create instability and potential tip-over of MEWPs. This guidance reviews:

  • Wind ratings for MEWPs – indoor and outdoor;
  • Where MEWP may safely be operated;
  • Awareness of dual wind rated MEWPs;
  • Suggested safe operations.