The International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) has set up a meeting between the UK Health and Safety Executive (UK HSE) and mast-climbing work platform (MCWP) stakeholders to discuss a HSE safety alert issued earlier this month.

The one-hour open meeting, to be held on Friday 27 May at 2pm, will be the third that IPAF has convened, following an initial meeting of IPAF’s MCWP UK & Ireland Work Group on 11 May and then a special meeting of MCWP manufacturers on 18 May, at which attendees considered the implications of the UK HSE Alert in order to formulate a collective response.

Brian Parker, IPAF’s Head of Safety & Technical, who helped to convene the series of meetings, comments: “Following a well-attended hybrid meeting with rental companies in the UK on 11 May, the virtual meeting on 18 May saw more than 20 technical experts, representative of both European and North American MCWP manufacturers, assemble to discuss this important issue.

“That meeting was highly productive and resolved that IPAF will now put together a dedicated work group to include representatives of both MCWP rental companies and manufacturers, with a view to assisting the wider industry to formulate a robust and practical response to the recent UK HSE safety alert.

IPAF also confirms it has now been able to coordinate an open meeting between the UK HSE and MCWP rental companies, manufacturers and contractors, which will be held on 27 May and will aim to ensure ongoing clarity around the ramifications of the safety alert.

“The meeting will be held in the form of a Zoom webinar and will be a joint presentation between IPAF and the UK HSE. It will focus on the HSE safety alert and also give an opportunity for attendees to ask questions. IPAF commits to continue to clearly communicate any updates or agreed actions arising in response to this safety alert.

“Those wishing to register to join the Zoom webinar are invited to submit an online form requesting to attend; all those who do attend will be given the option to raise written queries in advance as well as being able to ask questions during the webinar itself.”

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