NASC’s recently revised core scaffolding safety guidance – SG4:22: Preventing Falls in Scaffolding Operations – is now available as a free download to all.

NASC members were initially allowed free access to the safety guidance – featuring 60 pages of detailed scaffolding sector analysis and safety guidance, with 95 key figures and illustrations – last week.

Now having had a chance to digest this, SG4:22 has been made available as a free download on the NASC website to everyone in the industry.

Acting NASC Managing Director, Dave Mosley said: “Our primary objective as the UK’s ‘go-to’ scaffolding and access industry trade body for best practice guidance is to make the scaffolding industry safer – through our safety and technical publications we help set the industry standard – not just for our members, but the entire scaffolding sector.

“By allowing SG4:22 to be downloaded free to all in the industry, NASC is making the industry safer – one scaffold at a time.”

The key changes in SG4:22 are:

The removal of obsolete technology.

The inclusion of case studies highlighting accident and enforcement learning.

The embracing of new technology (e.g., drones and 3D modelling).

Updates to reflect changes brought in with TG20:21 (such a TG20 loading bays).

The inclusion of modular system scaffolding as well as traditional tube and fitting.

Additional safety guidance on working on beams.

Hazards, risks and control measures required when working on fragile roofs.

Improved Safe System of Work (SSOW) for temporary roofs and the prevention of falls.

For now, the NASC states that current SG4:15YOU booklets can still be issued to scaffolders – alongside a tool box talk on the key changes, until SG4:22 booklets become available in early 2023.

SG4:22 Management Guide is available to download as a PDF from the NASC website ( now. Contact the NASC office for more details: Phone (+44) 20 7822 7400 or email

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