An app developed for users of powered access equipment has reached the milestone of 500,000 first-time downloads.

The International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) launched the ePAL app in June 2021 for operators of mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs) and mast-climbing work platforms (MCWPs).

The app, which is free and available in seven languages, contains digital certification of training, including the IPAF Powered Access Licence (PAL) Card. It also allows sharing of safety guides and messages, logs machine use time and machine familiarisation, and can be used to report incidents and near misses.

Peter Douglas, IPAF’s CEO and Managing Director, said: “Reaching half a million downloads is a major milestone and a clear indicator that the powered access industry has embraced our digital approach.

“ePAL provides easily-accessible assurance that MEWP operators hold the right qualifications and helps to keep industry colleagues informed on safe working-practices.

“It also gives easy access to our accident reporting portal, helping to build a global picture of safety issues that informs our training, advice, communications and campaigns. The direct connection the app creates with powered access users around the world is central to our work.

“We’re grateful to everyone who uses the app for being part of our mission to drive safety in the powered access industry.”

As well as supporting safety work, the app has also helped to reduce the environmental impact of IPAF’s training and certification programme.

Mr Douglas said: “ePAL has helped us to significantly reduce our carbon footprint by slashing the number of plastic PAL Cards and paper certificates sent around the world each.

“Offering the PAL Card digitally also means lost cards and the associated costs have been eliminated for ePAL users.

“ePAL has made IPAF more efficient and more connected to powered access equipment users, and we hope to see its use continue to grow.”

The team at IPAF developed the app in partnership with member firm Trackunit.

Søren Brogaard, CEO of Trackunit said: “Reaching the 500,000-download milestone for the ePAL app is a testament to our successful partnership with IPAF and our shared commitment to improve safety and efficiency in the construction industry. This milestone is a significant leap towards our goal of eliminating downtime and promoting sustainable practices.

“As we celebrate this achievement, we remain committed to our partnership with IPAF, focusing on innovation and continuous improvement for the benefit of the entire industry.”

IPAF welcomes feedback on ePAL from its users, and aims to update with additional features as usage demands and evolving technology allows.

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