In March, IPAF launched this year’s global safety campaign, titled ‘Crushing Can Kill!’. The campaign aims to raise awareness and reduce entrapment and crushing incidents involving Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs), which have resulted in numerous fatalities and injuries over the past decade.

The campaign emphasises the importance of training, proper planning, and adherence to safety protocols when using MEWPs in the platform and using MEWPs in pedestrian control mode.

Statistics over the past decade revealed 118 fatalities, 16 major injuries, and 5 minor injuries attributed to entrapment incidents involving MEWPs. The occupations most affected include MEWP operators, delivery drivers and technicians/engineers, emphasising the need for comprehensive safety measures across a variety of applicable industries.

In the last three years of fatal accident data, 68% of fatalities are attributed to 3a Mobile Vertical machines (Vertical lifts). While this is a significant shift from the previous data, IPAF is encouraged by new solutions coming onto the market for vertical type MEWPs.

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